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BudBurst Buddies is a companion to Project BudBurst, a national phenology and climate change field campaign that uses scientifically approved protocols to collect data that is freely available for use by scientists and educators. BudBurst Buddies encourages young learners to make simple observations of how plants change during the growing season. By following the explorations of Lily and Sage, kids can undertake their own scientific investigation that includes making observations and reporting them online. Budburst Buddies is intended to help young learners at an elementary learning level become aware that plants respond to changing seasons.

To participate, kids pick a tree or shrub to watch and make multiple observations of that plant during the year. Following the format of the BudBurst Buddies Journal, kids note the dates when they make observations and look to see if their plant has bare twigs/branches, flowers, leaves, seeds or fruit. If they make at least four observations and submit them at the Report What You Saw page, they will receive an official BudBurst Buddy certificate.

There is no cost to participate and all materials and instructions are available in the BudBurst Buddies website.